About Hotel – Парус


Where present meets history

Hotel Parus is the first Five Stars Hotel in Khabarovsk city. The hotel takes the highest category  according to all standards by  Russian Hotel Association headed by the President Gennady Lamshin. The management and staff of the hotel have long way to this high rank, trying to please the most demanding guests and constantly improving the quality of service. Sincerely we thank you all for being with us and  inviting you to visit the  Hotel Parus again.

The Parus Hotel – the first high-service hotel in the Khabarovsk city. The origin of Parus Hotel dates back to 1964 when it was prepared specially for the arrival of Eisenhower, the president of the United States. Luxury and high service, which were available to government officials, are now available to every hotel’s guest.

Hotel Parus is the first and the only one  hotel in the historical center of Khabarovsk city with its own park, Amur River View  and the historical city  sights. There are a contemplating Japanese Gardens, majestic pine trees and a magnificent Amur river view  from the rotunda in the Parus Park. Walking distance to most of the Khabarovsk city sights and its business centers is the main peculiarity of the hotel.

The Parus Hotel is the first and the only one hotel in the Far East with a design created carried out by Italian architects and craftsmen of Atemi studio. Our guests can enjoy the exquisite classic interior of the hotel, which we are very proud of.

Hotel Parus – the first in the city of Khabarovsk received the highest status on the Booking.com according  to the wonderful  guest reviews.  But the best reward is not the status on the portal, it is warm emotions received by the guests during their stay at the Hotel Parus, which they gladly share on the portal.

The Hotel Parus  is the first and the  only one hotel in the Khabarovsk city, which become a home to a well-known guests such as Yuri Gagarin,  the first human to journey into outer space, Mikhail Gorbachev, the first president of the Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin,  the first president of Russian Federation. His Highness Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Koizumi and other high-level officials and celebrities.

Hotel Parus is the first hotel in the Khabarovsk city, which has the white  piano in the lobby. Every evening siting over a cup of aromatic coffee at the lobby-bar guests can enjoy the city’s best musicians playing the white piano of “Steinway&Sons”, internationally known brand, to which John Lennon gave his preference.   

Hotel Parus is the first and the only one  hotel in the  Khabarovsk city, where is served for red caviar and champagne for a buffet breakfast. But first of all, the guests  note the variety and delicatessens meal  presented at breakfast by Restaurant Parus.

Hotel Parus is the first and only one hotel in the Khabarovsk city where you can admire authentic pieces of the 18th century art.

Hotel Parus is the first and the only one hotel have a equipped room for people with disabilities in the Khabarovsk city today . All the necessary requirements is in the room, so that guests feel most comfortable and don’t face any inconvenience during their staying in the hotel.

Hotel Parus  Khabarovsk welcomes families! The hotel provides family planning accommodation. There are twin rooms – connections for comfortable accommodation with children.

Hotel Parus is the first hotel is decorated only with fresh flowers.  Every day our florist designer is working to create original floral arrangements,  surrounding our guests with  coziness and beauty. This is one of  details  that makes  staying in the hotel “Parus” special.  

Private park with a view of the embankment