These Rules have been written in accordance with the Rules for Provision of Hotel Services in the Russian Federation (approved by Russian Federation Government Decree № 1853 dated 18 November 2020 and the Law of the Russian Federation № 2300-1 “On Protection of Consumer Rights” from 7 February 1992.

  1. Hotel Parus (hereinafter – “Hotel”) is owned by the JSC of Closed Type Business – Centre «Parus».

    The certificate on assignment of category to the hotel (the category “5 stars” assigned) No. 77/АА-79/1387-2022 as of 05.11.2022, valid until 05.11.2025.

    Certificates, licences and service conformity certificates may be examined at reception (“Reception”).

  1. Room reservations can be made in person or by a third party by phone, fax, e-mail or another means of communication, which establishes that the request comes from the client, unless another point is mentioned in the contract. For guaranteed reservations, the Hotel will collect prepayment equal to one night’s accommodation or authorise the guest’s credit card for the price of one night’s accommodation, unless another point is mentioned in the contract.
  1. Guests will be checked in through to the end of their reserved stay, with foreign citizens’ stay limited to the validity period of their visas.
  1. Guests with reserved rooms arriving one day late or less will be charged for the day their reserved room was held, unless another point is mentioned in the contract. Guests arriving more than one day late will have their reservations cancelled and will be billed for one day’s accommodation for the day their reserved room was held, unless another point is mentioned in the contract.
  1. Room prices are listed in the Accommodation Price List. The Accommodation Price List is kept at Reception.
  1. Room rate includes: accommodation, usage of in-room safe, Internet, in-room TV, mineral water, call for transportation service, a safe-deposit box at Reception, access to the gym.

    Upon the request of guests of Hotel without additional payment the following service are provided: call of ambulance, delivery to the room of personal addressed correspondence, wake-up call, boiled water, needles, threads, one set of tableware and cutlery.

  1. There is no accommodation charge for children up to 12 years old staying in their parents’ room, breakfast included. Children over 12 staying in their parents’ room are charged at the full adult price.
  1. Accommodation of the guest’s pets is not allowed.
  1. The Hotel offers the following services at extra charge: laundry, massage, all outgoing telephone calls, in-suite minibar, F&B services, room service, restaurants and bars, banquet service, all other services not included into price of the room. The list and price of paid services, conditions of purchase and payment procedures are on the Reception.
  1. Price lists for telephone calls are provided in each guestroom.
  2. Price lists for the in-suite minibar are located in the guestrooms.
  3. Reception operates 24 hours a day.
  4. Guests and visitors can pay for the Hotel services by credit cards, cash in rubles or bank transfer. All prices are in rubles. All invoices are denominated in rubles.
    Hotel Parus accepts the following credit cards: MasterCard Worldwide, Visa International, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB International, MIR and UnionPay.
  5. All foreign citizens staying at the Hotel must be registered with the Russian National Migration authorities; Russian citizens must be registered at place of stay while in Khabarovsk. Reception staff will prepare arrival notices for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship and will register Russian citizens. Russian citizens will be registered upon presentation of their passports (or military ID for service members). Foreign citizens must show their passport, migration card and visa (except citizens of countries with a no-visa treaty with Russia), or document showing accreditation as a staff member of a foreign diplomatic or consular mission or member of a diplomat’s family.

    Registration at the Hotel of minor citizens under the age of 14 is carried out on the basis of identity documents of parents (adoptive parents, guardians) or close relatives accompanying the person (s), and also birth certificates of these minors.

  6. Priority accommodation and discounted accommodation will be given to guests if they are entitled by the law of Russian Federation.
  7. The Hotel charges for accommodation on a daily basis. The check-in time is 2:00 am and check-out time is 12:00 noon.

    If a guest stays less than 24 hours, a full day will be charged regardless of check-in and check-out time.

    If a guest checks out after the check-out time, they will be charged as follows:

    – for delay in checking out up to 6 hours, 50% of the daily room rate;
    – for delay in checking out beyond 6 hours, the full daily room rate.

    Guests must notify Reception in advance of any late check-out. If a certain room category is 100% occupied or booked, the Hotel will have the right to refuse a late check-out, in which case the guest must vacate the room by 12:00 noon.

    Guests must notify Reception of any expected check-out before the end of their stay, at least 24 hours in advance.

  8. No dirty or soiled garments, sportswear or sports shoes are allowed in the Hotel’s guest and public areas. No knives, flammables, explosives, poisons, narcotics or noxious or malodorous substances or articles shall be brought into the Hotel. No firearms may be carried into the Hotel. There is no access to the Hotel if dressed in clothing or carrying articles, groceries or luggage which could cause damage to the Hotel’s guests, visitors, furniture, rooms, facilities or furniture.
  9. It is not permitted to move the furniture, turn off the lights, wear outdoor clothes or put one’s feet on the tables in any of the Hotel’s outlets. Outdoor garments shall not be laid on sofas or chairs – they shall be hung on nearby hangers. The Hotel premises other than the conference rooms shall not be used for business meetings. Rental prices for conference rooms are available at Reception.
  10. Guests shall report the loss of room keys to Reception immediately. Guests are not allowed to hand over a room key to a third party.
  11. Opening windows in rooms when using air-conditioning is not allowed. Guests must close windows before leaving their room.
  12. Each room shall be available for cleaning once a day. If a “Do not disturb” sign is left hanging on a door for 24 hours, the Front Desk Manager or Duty Manager will have the right to call the room to ensure the guest’s well-being. If the guest does not answer the telephone, the Front Desk Manager or Duty Manager, accompanied by the security shift supervisor, has the right to enter the guest’s room and take action appropriate to the circumstances.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in all premises of the hotel. In case of smoking in a guest room, the guest will be charged at the amount from 5,900 to 10,000 rubles for the cleaning, depending on the room category. Smoking is allowed only at the specially designated smoking areas outside of the Hotel.
  14. No heating devices (immersion heaters, electric hot plates, etc.) can be used in the guestrooms. It is prohibited without special permission from the Hotel Administration:

    – to carry in or consume any beverages purchased outside the Hotel;
    – to carry in or consume any food purchased outside the Hotel;
    – to render any services or offer any merchandise.

  15. No tableware may be taken from the restaurants or rooms. No food or drinks may be taken from the restaurants.
  16. No professional photo or video sessions are allowed anywhere in the Hotel without special permission from the Hotel Administration. Any shooting with the use of professional equipment (especially with the use of tripods, lighting or other equipment) can be considered a professional one, which involves taking photos or videos to be used in the media or with commercial resources. Access to Hotel Parus with professional photographic and video equipment must be through the service entrance according to pre-confirmed lists. When using a professional camera for personal purposes, the hotel kindly requests the guests/visitors not to use the flash in public areas and avoid the images of other hotel guests. It is not permitted to use the images of other hotel guests in the photo or video on purpose or accidentally, without the prior consent of the guests. Participation of any of the hotel’s employees in the photography or filmings is permitted only with the prior consent of the hotel staff, and is subject to confirmation by the Public Relations Department of the hotel.
  17. All Hotel guests’ visitors have equal rights and duties. All Hotel guests are obliged:

    – obey the Hotel Rules;
    – close the room doors when leaving the room;
    – make no noise, otherwise it may disturb other guests and visitors;
    – pay for services provided in full when due;
    – obey fire safety Rules and electrical appliance operating instructions, as well as health Rules.

  18. The Hotel has the right to refuse to accommodate a guest if they disturb the relaxing atmosphere or stay of other guests or visitors, or who violates these Rules. The Hotel Administration has the right to terminate the service contract with any Hotel guest or client violating these Rules and request the immediate payment for any services rendered with the immediate consequence of leaving the Hotel.
  19. The Hotel shall be liable for keeping guests’ and visitors’ belongings safe as prescribed by Article № 925 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Hotel guests and visitors shall be liable to compensate the Hotel for any lost or damaged Hotel property, as well as to be subject to penalties for other offence in accordance with Russian Federation law.
  20. Usage of guest’s personal data is carried out by the Hotel only for achievement of the objectives, determined by the contract between the guest and the Hotel, in particular, for rendering accommodation services or temporary accommodation, as well as additional services. The hotel is obliged to take necessary organizational and technical measures for the protection of personal data from unauthorized or accidental access to it, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, dissemination of personal data, as well as from other illegal actions.